The Wrap Paper

May 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

WRAP is one of those ideas that you wish you’d had yourself. A beautifully designed limited edition journal printed in large format, it is dedicated to showcasing the best in up and coming design in the widest sense – be it illustration, textiles, food or anything that captures the editorial interest. Indepth interviews are informed and erudite, revealing the inspiration behind designers’ work, the processes they use and quirks and curiosities that you won’t have read about elsewhere.

On the reverse of the editorial are sublime double page litho prints intended for reuse as wrapping paper (no staples or stitching!). This cleverly furthers awareness of the creatives with print information detailed on a little pop out gift tag found on the back cover. In this way, Wrap extends its readership reach and awareness of talent to those it might not have otherwise reached.

The magazine itself is so beautifully put together, its a collectors item in itself so it seems almost sacriligeous to pull it apart and with sound commitment to sustainable design (printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled and FSC certified paper) this really is coffee table reading with a conscience! Keep an eye on their website as future aspirations include a homewares line. Here’s a peek at the latest issue:


§ One Response to The Wrap Paper

  • Maria Polak says:

    What an interesting and eclectic blog – will get the wrapping paper as have two birthdays coming up Just what I need for difficult customers

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