Bobo happenings: Mind expansion, ‘Angel Headed Hipsters’, Paris flower punch and beautiful old bird ladies.

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

It certainly seems to be a really bubbling time in London with many interesting happenings coming up this month. I’m definitely feeling like there’s a strong undercurrent of creativity and inspiring occurrences on the horizon and am going to do my damndest to participate in them all!

The grand opening of the Idler Academy in West London on Tuesday 1st March has left me feeling quite heady and is a victorious occasion for the curious minds of the neighbourhood. A mix of an ’18th Century coffee house’ and a ‘good dose of the 1950s grammar school’ (need I say more?!) this is the place to go if you want to E X P A N D your mind. There, other than good coffee, you can pickup pointers on how to start your own cottage industry, listen to Parisian bobette Anne Pigalle speak on erotic poetry, make your own books, learn Latin and much much more.

A merry and anarchic magazine, The Idler, was set up by Tom Hodgkinson (a self proclaimed ‘professional loafer’) and I first came across it when my hubby S gave me a beautiful ochre fabric bound copy of their 2010 annual hardback entitled ‘Back to the Land’. Filled with essays from a range of luminaries including artist David Hockney and writer/environmentalist Paul Kingsnorth – they are treasured leaves growing on my bookshelf.

We flew with Angel Headed Hipsters at the National Gallery last weekend, enjoying an intimate exhibition of Allan Ginsberg’s personal photographs featuring Jack Kerouac, Neil Cassady and William Burroughs as well as other influencers in the Beatniks wider circle. My favourite photo was that of poet Gary Snyder at his forest woodshed. Highly recommended, the free exhibition runs until the 20th March and seems to be part of a wider Beats fever hitting the capital with the release of Howl, a movie about Ginsberg’s poem of the same name and ensuing obscenity trial as well as Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ later in the year. The Pilot Light Theatre Company is also staging ‘Visions of Kerouac’ at The Half-Moon pub in Herne Hill until the 19th March.

Rodchenko fans should head to Art Sensus this weekend where many of the artist’s formerly unseen photographs from the communist era will be on display. A Parisian import (known as Orel Art), my polish heritage predisposes my to be inquisitive to discover this interesting gallery which promotes Russian and Eastern European artists.

All this followed up with a Paris Flower Punch at the new and delightful Folly, an indoor secret garden north of London Bridge. Clearly a nature-deprived city dweller, the sound of a beehive-inspired drinkery, tree dotted eaterie and Borough market sourced delights has me hooked before I’ve arrived. There is also a deli, wine and flower shop on site and bundles of décor inspiration with the space cocooned in Sanderson wallpapers and Harlequin fabrics. What’s not to swoon over?

Tonight, I’m heading home for a peaceful night in, but lamenting finishing a marvellous book by the English born darling of Mexico’s art scene, Leonora Carrington. Entitled ‘The Hearing Trumpet’, it is about a dear old lady banished to retirement home by her offspring ~ which turns out to be the true beginning of her adventures and that which ensues can only be summarised as a heady surrealism with an eccentric cast of mad or sane fellow-interned colourful-charactered ladies. I may well reread it tout de suite, but in the spirit of getting older in body but more imaginative and childlike in mind, I will be filling the book’s void by watching ‘Turning’, a BBC film short by Karni and Saul which was nominated for the Bafta’s Best Short Film this year. I’m always enticed by anything featuring Flamingos, but old lady crossed Flamingos, eating cake off vintage crockery and telling magick tales of emperors without skins?! That’s sure to take one somewhere else. You can watch it here: Turning


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