Yuletide wishes

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello hello. I have just received these beautiful beautiful Christmas cards in the post. Made by Poplar & Birch for La Jotta, they come as a HUGE relief as I had almost given up on finding any that weren’t covered with glitter, inane words such as ‘joy’ or white doves. Phew. Its not easy being so fussy!

They remind me of a place in my head which I’ve never been to but know is there. Its hard to explain when something captures your imagination and takes you somewhere, elsewhere, but I’m pretty sure there are polar bears manning the lighthouse. Which is what I think it is. That or guiding lights from a Bavarian castle in the snow.

They are limited editions with only 50 printed so if you like them, you’d better get your skates on! http://store.jotta.com/category/exclusive-to-jotta/poplar-birch-christmas-cards-pack-of-5/

Another happy discovery and realisation that all is not lost in the land of Christmas cards is the Rifle Paper Company. Their enchanting illustrations nearly possessed me to ship packets and packets of delights from the US to London…but as a testament to unfailing will, I searched high and low to find them in Regents Street Anthropologie. The selection isn’t huge but its a nice introduction to their work and perhaps next year I’ll go for their customised cards, if only to see us animated by their fair hand.



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